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About Word Counter Tool

You can write as much as you want when updating or preparing content. However, sometimes there is a restriction on maximum number you can write on a website. Word counter Tool has been designed specifically for those writers who need to remain between a certain numbers of characters. This tool saves you from the hustle of counting the character one by one and tells you the total number of characters you have wrote in article, essay, report, story, etc.

Staying within the allowed word count is of great importance for an author. The approval of the content can be dependant over the minimum or the maximum limit. Following are a few examples where websites doesn’t allow to write more than limit. Twitter: 140, SMS, 160 characters, Title tag in HTML: 70 characters, Meta descriptions in HTML: only shows first 160 characters when provide search results to user in Google and so on.

Word Counter Tool saves you from making corrections again and again as you may fall below minimum or exceed maximum limit of characters allowed. All you have to do is to write your content in this tool or paste a written content, you will get the word count within seconds.