Website Status Checker Tool

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About Website Status Checker Tool

A website will only be successful if it can be accessed easily at all times by the visitors. That is the reason why website uptime is considered very important for its success. Website Status Checker Tool let you track your website and it performance every minute.

Just imagine what will happen if your website goes down or appear as unavailable for a few minutes? It could result in losing potential customers as they will move to some other website if they find your website down. It will not only cause you financial lose but it may also cause some of the visitors may never come back if they find any other website for same product or services.

Website Status Checker Tool allows you to monitor your website conveniently. You can take immediate action if any issue occurs that can affect the reputation of your website. Furthermore, this tool is not only designed to monitor your own website. You can also use it to monitor the status of any other website of your choice. Monitoring is very simple. You just enter the URL of the website into the designated area provided and Website Status Checker Tool will give you real time stats of that website.