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About Webpage Spider View Tool

Search engines use a term spider to rank the webpages. The job of this spider is to keep checking the contents of a website and provide details to search engines so that they can rank a website. Webpage Spider View Tool has been designed to give more appropriate and enhanced details of your web contents to the search engines.

It is very important for the good ranking of your website that how the spider will judge the relevancy of your web content. These spiders use a predesigned methods to index your website. Since almost all search engines indexed a website in a same way, although the methods to check the relevancy can be differ, for a better ranking you need to know what content will be considered as high ranked by spiders.

There is a big drawback that spiders only index your website as per the text available and do not consider the other materials like images, videos, flash, etc. These are the major part of your content and of great value but cannot be used while indexing. Webpage Spider View Tool uses your text context in the most appropriate way and highlights all the relevant keywords so that search engines can rank your website accordingly.