Source Code Viewer Tool

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About Source Code Viewer Tool

HTML is the language used by web designers to create websites. Every website has HTML code that is not visible to the visitor. If you want to see the source code of a website, Source Code Viewer Tool is if great help.

HTML can be considered as the landmark language that let the users to define and design the web pages. Web designers use HTML and other available technologies like CSS and JAVA Script. These website defines what elements will be added to websites. HTML also defines and helps to design different sections and tabs where specific content will be available. Sometimes, web designers need to look into the information of a web page like text, code element, style element and other details that creates the page. This information is in unencrypted form so cannot be viewed by the visitor unless you check source code from browser.

You may want to know what source code has been used to build a web page and what contents has been used but don’t know how to get them. Source Code Viewer Tool has been designed specifically for this purpose. By using this tool, you can get all the information related to source code of any website.