Social Signal Checker Tool

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About Social Signal Checker Tool

If you are in a need of promoting your products, services or any other online business, you must be aware of the importance of social media. Social Signal Checker Tool allows you to successfully use social media channels to promote your website. More you maintain your social media presence, more opportunities will be there for your business to grow.

To measure how effective your web contents are to attract the readers, a term Social Signals is used. Powerful social signals mean the capability of your web content to engage and attract a reader is very good. This also helps you to improve the quality of your web content.

Social Signal Checker Tool helps you to count your social media signals. These signals are count as Facebook likes, Google Plus shares, Google+ ones, Twitter Tweets count, Pinterest count and all other ways in which your web contents have been shared or appreciated. A high number of social signals means search engines will give a well ranking to your web content. With Social Media Checker Tool, you can track the progress of your web content and count social signals. It can help you in understanding what changes are required to upgrade the quality of your web content.