Disavow File Generator Tool

About Disavow File Generator Tool

Backlinks helps your website in a great way as more backlinks means a better ranking. Your website get a backlink if a link is available on another website that takes a visitor to your content. However, sometimes you get backlinks from such sources that can be scam, false or not good and can hurt your ranking. Disavow File Generator Tool provide details of all such links to Google and other search engines and ask them to not to consider them while indexing the website.

More precisely, Disavow File Generator Tool creates a set of instructions for the search engines. It includes all the links that you believe are not good. By providing this file to search engines, you are basically guiding them that those links should not be considered while search engines decides to show your content to visitors.

Disavow File generator follows a very simple procedure. All you need to do is to gather the details of all such bad links and their respective URLs. You than enter these links and URLs into this tool and it generates a file in .txt format. once you have this file, just submit it to the Google and search engines will work as per the instructions.